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YouTube without ads for learning

YouTube without ads for learning
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September 9, 2022, 13:25

YouTube has introduced a special player that is intended for educational purposes. It will be free of “distractors” such as ads. The platform aims to become the largest educational platform in the world.

Above image source: Unsplash/Alexander Shatov.

Youtube noteThat 93% of viewers of content on their site are looking for information, and 95% of Americans searching for There are solutions to your practical problems. Therefore, the platform has taken steps to bring it closer to an educational role. YouTube wants to be an area that is more accessible to viewers, content creators, and educational institutions.

YouTube for education

service inserted Embedded player designed for educational purposes. It will be different from the original version in that it will be free of ads and other distractions: external links or recommendations for more content.

Currently, YouTube Player for Education collaborates with select educational partners in the United States (such as EDpuzzle, Purdue University, and Purdue Global). The new launcher will also be used in the schools web service – Google Classroom.

further steps

The platform also introduced the ability to create quizzeswhich are intended to help verify and consolidate the knowledge gained by viewers. This option is now in beta, but will be rolled out in the coming months. Access to it will be granted to YouTube users who use the “Community” tab.

Next year, YouTube plans to introduce the ability to create free and paid tutorials by skilled content creators. Viewers who purchase access to the selected content will receive ad-free videos that can be played in the background. Pilot courses are appearing for the first time in the United States and South Korea. Over time, the job will reach other regions of the world.

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Science Free YouTube Ad - Illustration #1

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