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Youtuber put Scania in a lottery – lawyers suspect a huge scam

Youtuber put Scania in a lottery - lawyers suspect a huge scam

Prize in the lottery shown below

Referring to the text:

The famous YouTuber has put its Scania in a lottery – the increase in costs is killing the company

The nearly four-year-old group, which consists of a modified Scania R series and a refrigerated trailer, has been put into the lottery. The fate cost the equivalent of PLN 85, and the organizer of the whole project was the most famous Youtuber of transport in the world, the Brazilian Sheila Bellaver (2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and Instagram). But how did this whole story end? Well, maybe we’ll have to wait for the end because the lawyers are already dealing with the case.

The chance to win your own truck for only PLN 85 has stimulated the imagination of many people. The case also gained massive publicity and there were apparently thousands of people willing to buy a ticket. However, the problem arose when Sheila Bellaver was about to be declared the winner. It happened… twice

The first draw was as planned, so it was broadcast live. The owner of the randomly selected number turned out to be a driver named Sebastiao, who was said to have been dreaming of owning his own Scania truck for years. So the whole story might seem like a great dream come true were it not for the news that came out the next day. Sheila Bellavier then announced a mistake that was supposed to happen during the draw, and then also pointed out a completely different new winner.

The case is even more suspicious because the new winner comes from the same town as Mrs. Bellavier’s ex-husband. Given the sheer size of Brazil, near the US or China, it really does seem like a coincidence. Meanwhile, the first winner was so worried about the whole thing that it would negatively affect his health. Therefore, his stepdaughter, who is a lawyer, decided to get involved in the case. She collected all the evidence, including lottery registrations and printouts, and then entered the courtroom. There she will fight to get the truck back for her stepfather.

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What’s more, as reported by the Brazilian media, this is just the beginning of the scandal. Another lawyer has already appeared in the case, citing irregularities in the fee. Submit a formal application to protect the truck and the money collected from the lottery for the purposes of the proceedings. In addition, there were suspicions that the lottery was an illegal attempt to evade taxes. And it might actually make sense, after all, to sell the truck here.


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