May 12, 2021

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YouTuber sued for entering market with mask paint, estimated to be deported to Indonesia

Authorities in the Indonesian city of Bali have filed a case for the deportation of Russian YouTuber Lia Che and her boyfriend, Taiwanese Josh Balor Lin. The woman was prosecuted after drawing a fake mask on her face to enter the market.

According to local newspapers, Lia Che was barred from entering the market because she was without a mask. So, in the form of a mask, she decided to paint the face blue.

Under Bali’s laws, foreigners are liable to a fine equivalent to R $ 370. Because of the charisma of the chapter, the Indonesian government wants to be deported immediately.

“They not only broke the law, they deliberately provoked the public. Therefore, it is fair to punish not only with fines but also with more severe deportations, ”a government official told the Coconut website.

Reed Say and Josh Baller filmed the action on April 22nd. They deleted the video and then released another post in which a lawyer says both are available to the courts. According to the couple, they wanted to “entertain” the audience.

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