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Yurik Osiak comments on Colt’s entry. “Without a drink, I am now writing BRAWO KULT!”

Yurik Osiak comments on Colt's entry.  "Without a drink, I am now writing BRAWO KULT!"

York Osiak comments on the musicians’ decision. “Without a drink, I am now writing BRAWO KULT!”

“The KULT group does not participate in concerts where only vaccinations are accepted. We say no to apartheid” – Yesterday by Kult . group. The musicians denied that they would play at such events. Their statement was widely echoed in the Polish public space.

Bravo Colt! Concerts – the most beautiful – should be held in a spirit of mutual fun and openness! The organizer of a small, large and even a very large concert, such as a festival, and the artist who directs his art towards the audience, should feel mutual encouragement in a good atmosphere “- he said on social media Jorek Usyak, referring to the musicians’ loud statement. Publish an extended article, also related to the state of the entire industry.

As he emphasizes, the entire music industry consists of tens of thousands of people who are able to safely organize a concert in the current conditions.

Kult pissed off the rules that allow such concerts In our opinion, rapid tests for the Corona virus will be sufficient. This is what we planned three months ago, when it was not possible to hold concerts. We rightly believed that new rules could be introduced, so we did not waste any time preparing for our festival ”- added Usyak.

He stated that the Pol’and’Rock Festival alone produces nearly 1.5 thousand. people, and engages dozens of companies that “every such event is worth its weight in gold and is allowed to survive a very difficult year, a pandemic.”

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He admitted that the principle of organizing concerts for vaccinators “opens the door today”. “I agree with you that it should not be like this. However, the verdict is clear, and we want to give you an alternative to a normal life and work in the experienced music industry” – he added at the end of the post.

The sect denies the rumours. ‘We definitely say no to apartheid’

After long and painful months of freezing, culture in Poland is slowly coming back to life. Cinemas, theaters and charities are already open, and the first concerts are already taking place. Because of the epidemiological situation, in some sectors there are facilities for people who have already been vaccinated (these people have privileges, for example in the case of traveling to some countries).

Yesterday, the Colt group said: “The KULT group does not participate in concerts where only vaccinations are accepted. We are definitely saying no to apartheid.”

Musicians deny that they should perform at such events. The post sparked discussion in the comments, and fan opinions were divided.

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