October 23, 2021

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Zakopane: boom in the real estate market. Prices go up by up to 70 percent

Renata Watter of Perfect Nieruchomości in Zakopane notes that since November last year there has been a lot of interest in buying property in Bodhill, while when it comes to selling plots, many owners are withdrawing and those who are determined to sell are increasing prices depending on the attractiveness of the location.

Plot prices have increased by as much as 70 percent.

According to real estate agents, the prices for plots and apartments near the Tatras increased by an average of 20-40 percent, and when it came to building the offered plots, prices in some cases increased by up to 70 percent.

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– The demand is very high, it concerns both apartments and houses as well as construction plots, and even agricultural plots – assessed in Wiatr. She added that small apartments in the center of Zakopane in prefabricated buildings and new apartments on the outskirts of the city are being sold at a price of PLN 16,000. per square meter

– Prices for agricultural land near the Tatras range from PLN 100 per square meter, and construction land is sold for PLN 800 per square meter on the outskirts of Zakopane. When it comes to apartments and condos, prices vary more depending on location and amenities. Those in the center of Zakopane are sold for up to 30,000. PLN per square meter – said the agent of the company Perfect Nieruchomości in Zakopane.

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Prices rose not only for plots of land

Marta Zagorska, president of Biuro Nieruchomości RE/MAX Duo, which has offices in Zakopane, Nowy Targ and Kraków, said property prices in Tatras have certainly gone up, although it’s an individual matter, depending on the location.

– The prices of not only land plots, but also apartments have risen so much that developers, who are faced with difficulties in increasing prices for building materials, often withdraw from initial contracts with their clients, even deciding to return payments and are looking for new buyers who can easily find them ”- said Zagorska

It assessed that what is happening in the real estate market is related to the economic situation caused by the epidemic. Many people decide to withdraw their savings from deposits and invest in real estate for example. In addition, many people, living in seclusion, in their apartments began to appreciate communication with nature, which is why not only land plots are built, but also agricultural plots, where you can stay in nature and enjoy nature – she added .

– There are even customers who have bid on offers made by others previously. Zagorska said that real estate near the Tatras is mainly bought by Poles, although there are foreign clients of Polish origin.

She noted that many apartments for sale also appeared in Krakow due to the cessation of tourism.

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