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Zayn Malik was nervous, and Joanna Krupa was slapped. These celebrities who got into fights

Zayn Malik was nervous, and Joanna Krupa was slapped.  These celebrities who got into fights

Show business stars, in addition to fame and money, can also count on a heavy dose of stress. They were followed by paparazzi, and they are constantly monitored by the media and fans. Sometimes things get out of control. These stars didn’t know how to keep their nerves in check, and the whole country (or the world) knew about their exploits.

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Zayn Malik in front of a nightclub

Zayn MalikThe former One Direction singer got into an argument with a man outside a club in New York. He shouted angrily and cursed. Looks like he’s been attacked with insults before. He decided to bite the same. After a while, the men started shivering and shouting insulting words to each other. The singer and his rival were accompanied by a crowd of spectators. Unfortunately for them, everything was recorded and posted online.

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Zayn MalikZayn Malik bulls

Paris Hilton pounces on the photojournalist

Paris Hilton, a celebrity and heiress to the hotel fortune, has proven more than once that she’s a party girl. Once she frequently visited clubs, where she had fun until dawn, not sparing herself for drinks. She was often followed by paparazzi. They waited outside the club hoping they could make some shots. One evening I worked. However, one of them was unlucky. First, Paris tried to grab the camera from him, and then pounced on the photographer with her fists. Of course, the other people present were taking pictures.

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Paris Hilton, InstagramParis Hilton, Instagram Paris Hilton, Instagram

Joanna Krupa slapped on a TV show

It was a real surprise for Joanna Krupa and viewers. In 2012, the model participated in the show “The real Housewives of Miami”. It turned out that one of the participants was not very friendly. The star and her friend Adrian Dimora sharply exchanged views. The star emotionally began to raise her voice and gestures. Her boyfriend at the time tried to calm things down, but Joanna told him not to interfere. Adriana turned her heels and tried to walk away, but this infuriated the model who followed her. Demora turned around and slapped Joanna in the face. Then the stars of the TV show began to shake. Looks like Adriana was about to grab the broom and Joanna tried to stop her.

Joanna Krupa in MiamiJoanna Krupa in Miami oriental news

Paradise Hotel.  Mickey, OlaParadise Hotel. Ola and Mishaw spoiled the program. Are they in a relationship?

Naomi Campbell hits her assistant

status Naomi Campbell And her assistant had a wide influence in the world of global business. The star could not contain her aggression and beat up her employee. According to the testimony, she grabbed her by the neck and hit her on the head with the phone. She was arrested because of this and brought to trial, but the case ended with an agreement between the parties. This is not the only victim of the previous model. One day, she attacked the driver of her limousine, punching him with both fists and… with the phone. but that is not all. She was caught again when she got angry at Heathrow and started hitting a policeman. The star, famous for her explosive character, recently became a mother. Hopefully it has loosened up a bit.

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Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell AP

Duda enters into a fight with Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak

about fight worm It was high all over Poland. She was about to attack Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak At the “Niegrzeczni 2014” event in Chorzov. At the next party, they had to clash for women The bathroom. The journalist reportedly ran out of red marks on her neck. Later she took the star to court. The case lasted several years. The lower court sentenced Duda to community service, but the appeals court overturned the first ruling.

will addwill add [email protected]

Lindsay Lohan attacked the nurse

Lindsey Lohan During her acting career, she often had problems with the law. The star had a problem with alcohol and drugs. She was also in a drug addiction clinic. There, however, she did not want to follow the prevailing rules and illegally crept into the pub. When she returned, she met a nurse on her way. The latter later testified that the actress attacked her. Lindsay ended up with another prosecution case. She has been convicted multiple times, including for other acts and parole violations of previous convictions.

Lindsey LohanLindsey Lohan oriental news

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