September 23, 2021

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Zbigniew Zamachowski heartily on Monica Richardson: 'I owe her a lot'

Zbigniew Zamachowski heartily on Monica Richardson: ‘I owe her a lot’

Zamachovsky’s book “Zbyszek through the cases” will be published on Friday, part of which was published on Onet. In an interview with Beata Nowicka, the actor revealed some details about his love life. He told, among other things, how he met Monica Richardson.

At the moment when our relationship with Ola was very fragile, I met Monica. We met a hundred years ago in Wroclaw, where I was making the famous movie “The Lightmaker” that I told you about. A mutual friend introduced us and once we went for a walk in Szczytnicki Park. It was a lovely conversation between a cute girl and a smart 16 year old girl who wears big glasses. much. We met for the second time on Monica’s program “Can You Love Europe”, in the episode whose topic, by the way, was betrayal. – Khan.

Years passed, TVN came to me with an invitation to participate in the WWF program as an ambassador for the struggle for the natural environment. It was an attractive proposition, because the heroes went on a mission to different exotic regions of the world. I was offered a trip with Monica Richardson to India, namely to a gigantic scrap yard created after getting rid of various electronic devices brought into India from all over the world. It turned out that the proposed date did not suit me or Monica. (…). Two months later, I was offered a trip to Belize in Central America, this time with Natalia Kokolska. It turns out that Natalka can’t, but maybe Monica – Mention the actor.

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During this stay, it turns out that we are both at a turning point in life, in relationships where the expiration date is coming to an end. We were in the same situation, it was easier for us to understand each other, end previous relationships and start a life together Zamachovsky revealed.

I owe Monica a lot. She is an important woman in my life. I’ve always had trouble understanding reality. I am becoming more and more illiterate when it comes to the virtual world of the Internet. I don’t like it, I don’t accept it, I don’t like people living on cell phones, making their fake life on social media. There is no desire or curiosity inside me to enter this new world and it is actually spitting on me. Monica hugs her and frees me from this problem. The problem comes when someone wants to take good care of you. Monica is an overprotective personality in the sense that she wants to help so badly that it annoys her. We quarrel with each other for the scope of this care, because sometimes I want to button my jacket myself – summed up.

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