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Zelensky’s powerful speech in Russian. It gives enemy forces three options

Zelensky's powerful speech in Russian.  It gives enemy forces three options

Volodymyr Zelensky implored the Russians to refuse to accept the summons to the army, to flee or – if they reached the front – to surrender.

– In his evening speech, Zelensky, addressing the Russians in their own language, said that the Russian leaders are not worried about the lives of the Russians – they just have to fill in the blanks left by the dead, wounded, escape or captured.

– Who will fill these places – do not worry your power. Will they be young IT professionals who have never been to the army, or retired people who may have served in the Soviet Army, Zelensky said.

The rest of the article is available under the video:

– The decisive moment has come for you – now it is to determine whether your life will end – he asserted, adding that “better not to accept a summons to the army than to die in someone else’s land as a war criminal.”

– Escape from mobilization is better than mutilation, and then try him in court for his participation in a criminal war. He said it is better to surrender than to die with our weapons.

Ukraine is defending itself in this war. We defend what is brightest – our lives, our children, our freedom. What is Russia fighting for? The Ukrainian president said that every Russian citizen knows – not many will admit it, but they do know – that it is Russia that bears evil.

He added that Ukraine guarantees three things to every Russian soldier who surrenders. here they are:

  • Treated “in a civilized manner, in accordance with all conventions”.
  • Anonymity. “No one in Russia will know that your surrender was voluntary,” Zelensky declared.
  • Examine each case individually. – If you are afraid to return to Russia and do not want to exchange yourself, we will find a way to ensure that too – he added.
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source: PAP, Facebook, Ukrainian Truth

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