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Zhanovsky introduced with Ukrainian women. The singer was surprised by the thunderous applause of the audience!

Zhanovsky introduced with Ukrainian women.  The singer was surprised by the thunderous applause of the audience!

August 20 during Earth Festival 2022 There was a concert “Artists Against War”. The parade was to commemorate the victims of the war in Ukraine. Not only memorable songs flowed from the theater, but also the statements of children who experienced the horrific reality of the armed conflict firsthand.

On stage at Uniejów, there were many Robert JanowskiWho performed the piece in a duet with Tina Carroll, former vocalist of the Ukrainian Army Orchestra. Together, they sang Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” in Ukrainian Polish.

They also noted that in two days Ukrainians will celebrate Independence Day. And after a touching duet, the singer presented the song “Ukraine to You”, which captured the hearts of the audience.

Tina Carroll was surprised by such a reception. After leaving the stage, she shed a tear. The artist is very grateful that Poland is so eager to help its citizens. Interestingly, Carol and Janowski met just before the festival, and have been rehearsing for their joint performance only since yesterday. They communicated with each other immediately.

The Earth Festival 2022 was created to promote care for both young people and adults for the world around us, not just in an environmental sense. The event also promotes concern for the well-being of others.

“We want to promote a rational and responsible approach to how we live and what we use. We want to inspire you to make small, positive changes for the better, which together will contribute to creating something bigger– say the creators of “Earth Festival”.

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The Uniejów Festival will culminate with Sunday’s “Stars for Pure Poland” concert. Artists known for their commitment to protecting the environment will perform on stage. Performing this evening: Andrei Piaseczny, Julia Winyawa, Sebastian Karpel-Puchica, Duda, Magorzata Ostrovska, Mikai Zbak, Sebastian Riedel, Anya Rosovich, Pictus, Konin Evangelical Choir.

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