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ZUS: What is the basis for the January 2022 health insurance subscription for the business?

ZUS: What is the basis for the January 2022 health insurance subscription for the business?

The new deadline for paying ZUS contributions for January 2022 is approaching. However, entrepreneurs still have doubts about what basis to use for calculating the health insurance contribution when calculating the January health amount. ZUS explains what basis the assessment will be correct.

» February 2022. Longest term for ZUS payment, time for ZUS DRA

Until February 21, 2022, entrepreneurs will be required to Paying Social Security Contributions In January 2022. Some will, for the first time, handle the calculation of the health insurance premium in light of the new rules in February. What is the basis of health insurance to be used in case of business activity? Explain the Social Insurance Institution.

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The health contribution for the month of January 2022, what is the basis for the calculation?

The Social Insurance Institute explains on its website the rules for determining health contributions in 2022 in light of the new provisions of the Polish system. When asked by one of my payers,What is the basis of health in January on business?ZUS responds with:

,, Dimension basis For people running a business in January 2022 Depends on the tax form.

In case PeopleTaxes on general principles The amount of 75% of the average monthly salary in the business sector in the fourth quarter of 2021 including payments from profit will therefore be The amount of 4,665.78 PLN.

In case Persons using a lump sum on recorded revenue If in January the revenue from this activity does not exceed 60 thousand PLN, then this rule will be 60% of the average monthly wage in the enterprise sector in the fourth quarter of 2021, including payments from profits, and therefore will be The amount of 3,732.62 PLN.

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In case People who use a tax card The amount of minimum wage will therefore be 3,010 zlotys.

Health Contribution Basis – Average Central Statistical Office (GUS) Salary

On January 21, the head of the Central Statistical Office announced that the average monthly salary in the enterprise sector, including dividend payments, in the fourth quarter of 2021 amounted to 6,221.04 PLN. The value currently available is used for Determining the minimum basis for calculating health insurance contributions for entrepreneurs who are subject to tax on general principles and the total amount registered. In the article, we write about the contribution of health insurance to this group of entrepreneurs Health contribution for January 2022. We know the rule of the new dimension.”

Social Security Contributions Social and health services until February 21

Paying Entrepreneurs Social Security Contributions You must remember Social and Health Services for January 2022 New subscription payment date. The new deadlines will apply to nearly all payers. The exception will be budget units and local government budget institutions, the deadline for which will remain unchanged – By the fifth of the following month. In the case of other contributors, according to the Polish system, the final date of payment to ZUS will depend on whether they have legal personality or not:

  • Deadline by the 15th of the following month It will apply to payers of funds with legal personality (capital companies, foundations, associations),
  • The deadline is on the 20th of the following month It will cover other premium payers, eg premium payers only for their own insurance and partnerships.
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Because February 20, 2022 is Sunday. Social Security Contributions In January 2022, entrepreneurs will be required to pay by February 21.

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