September 21, 2021

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Zuzanna Dąbrowska: Minister Czarnek showed how to do the assessment - comments

Zuzanna Dąbrowska: Minister Czarnek showed how to do the assessment – comments

“Rzeczpospolita” by Przemysław Czarnek was included in a noble group: together with the Conference of Academic Deans, the Polish Science Foundation and the Polish Science Committee, he was accused of fraud and forgery.

It would be great if we could receive an award from the Minister, for example, for the contribution that our newspaper makes to the improvement of the situation of students, the analysis of the core curriculum or the concern for the welfare of teachers. But if you’re not there, what do you like…that’s fine. Moreover, because in an interview with TVP Info, the minister fully confirmed what we wrote in the text about the new regulation on the assessment of the quality of scientific activity. A volatile journalist from TVP did not ask why such sharp accusations of lying come, because the minister could not explain what they were, but no one was surprised either, because Jacek Kurski does not pay her for it.

How did we risk Przemyslav Kazarnik? We wrote that “the Minister of Education and Science wants to create sets of reference values ​​for scientific categories A, B + and B in individual scientific and technical disciplines.” However, scientists have a different opinion. Prof. Maciej Šileks, President of the Polish Science Foundation notes.

The minister will be able to accept or reject the commission’s proposals, which he admitted in the interview. The fact is that the Polish flag could not withstand such oppression anymore. From departments to teaching assistant professors in March until 1968, Polish scientists built theories, made discoveries, and contributed to engineering, mathematical, and humanistic thought in the world. Unfortunately, they were often forced to work outside the country.

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Science hates slavery. He seeks the truth, even rejects his own achievements, and if new discoveries appear, he builds himself up in a continuous process of evaluating his achievements. Thanks to this, he is still getting closer to knowledge and truth.

So, even if Minister Kazarnik stood in the way, the quest to explain the world would not stop. At most, someone will one day fully evaluate the activities of Minister Kazarnik.

Source: Rzeczpospolita